Roslyn was born and raised on a large family farm in the rural Northern Neck of Virginia. The seeds of entrepreneurship were planted in her heart and mind at a very early age. After years of watering, pruning and fertilizing she has gained over 20 years of education and work experience providing financial analysis in numerous industries.

After much encouragement from her family, friends and previous employers, she stepped out in faith in 2015 to officially pursue true Financial Freedom for her own family by incorporating her first business entity.  Since then she has enjoyed her new found time freedom and carved a niche in the consulting industry to successfully coach others to achieve success. Her goal is to coach 1,000 individuals to achieve true financial freedom – no matter how big or small their dreams are!

In a society where many people want to be a “boss” but no one wants to be bossed around or considered “bossy” we decided to re-define the negative connotations associated with that word. While facilitating a hands-on money workshop for children and youth, she encouraged them to learn how to be the “boss” or good stewards of their own time and money.